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About Us

Sparkling Satisfaction

The idea for Esrever Wines was uncorked over what else? A bottle of wine! Three best friends from Queens, New York, Ashanti Middleton (CEO) Jasmine Dunn (COO), and Tyshemia Ladson (CBO), who met in kindergarten and have stuck together since, were bonding over a particularly delicious Pinot Grigio, when the concept of Esrever Wines bubbled up. What started as a fun conversation soon transformed into an entrepreneurial pursuit.


As Middleton, Dunn, Ladson, and assistance from a 4th member, Hatiqua Middleton (wife of Ashanti) continued brainstorming, Esrever Wines began to take shape: quality wines at affordable prices, with a selection that suited all types of palates and lifestyles. Combining all of their complementary professional strengths, they started building their unique wine brand and set their sights on a name. The friends asked themselves, “Wouldn’t it be great to hit reverse on Monday and leap back into the weekend?” The name Esrever was born – “Reverse” spelled backwards. Guided by their perseverance, passion, and faith, these four women were under the age of 35 –turning Esrever Wines into a thriving national brand.


Their bold, risk-taking approach to business led to the women being spotlighted on Discovery Channel’s business format show “I Quit,” which featured entrepreneurs who risk it all by giving up their jobs to follow their passions. The show premiered Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at 10:00PM ET/PT on the Discovery Channel.


At the end of 2020, the group suffered the tragic loss of CEO Ashanti Middleton. The pain and pressures drove Dunn and Ladson to push through and continue building the Esrever Legacy in the name of their dear partner. In 2021, Hatiqua Middleton, who was already running administration for the company was asked to take on the role of 3rd partner as Chief of Sales. She humbly accepted and now the new trio continues in their efforts to make Esrever Wines a household name.

About Esrever Wines Selection


Founded by three young Black women from Queens, Esrever Wines was launched in 2018 with a mission to provide quality wines for all types of palates. Created and bottled in the San Joaquin valley of California, Esrever is led by their Sparkling White Wine Chardonnay & Chenin Blanc Blend, a delicious and complex offering. Esrever Wines’ motto is “Not too sweet, not too dry;” something for everyone. In 2019, Esrever launched their Moscato with a hint of orange zest and is available along with the sparkling in restaurants, liquor stores, and wine shops in New York City, and California. Esrever can also be purchased via the website at

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